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Electricity in Malta

The electrical supply in Malta is 230V (+/- 10%). The frequency in 50Hz. In Malta the type G three prong plug is used. This is the same electric plug used in the UK.

As a lot of electrical products sold in Malta are imported from mainland Europe and sometimes these are supplied with the type F plugs.

Cost of Electricity in Malta

There are 2 rates of electricity for residents in Malta: "domestic" and the cheaper "residential" rate. If you buy a property in Malta and are registered as living at the address you will definately be on the residential tariff. When renting this is potentially more difficult. You may get the residential tarif or be forced to pay the more expensive domestic one. This is because the landlord may not want it to be known that the property is being rented and therefore refuses to sign the forms stating that someone is living in the property. The regulations are currently being changed and this problem should soon be fixed, meaning that the person renting the property will be able to submit the forms without the signature of the landlord.

Domestic Tariff

Domestic rates apply to residential (non-commercial) properties. One consumer may register the following as domestic:
  • One Primary Residence
  • One Secondary Residence
  • One Garage which does not exceed 30 square meters and is used non-commercially

Rates for domestic tariff

(includes 5% VAT)
BandCumulative Consumption (kWh)Rate (€)
10 - 20000.1365
22001 - 60000.1673
36001 - 100000.2023
410001 - 200000.4180
520000 +0.6860

Residential Tariff

Residential rates apply to residential (non-commercial) properties. These rates come into play as soon as one or more persons are registered as living at the address.

Rates for residential tariff

(includes 5% VAT)
BandCumulative Consumption (kWh)Rate (€)
10 - 20000.1047
22001 - 60000.1298
36001 - 100000.1607
410001 - 200000.3420
520000 +0.6076


A reduction to encourage low energy usage is available under this tariff. The reduction will not be applicable if the indicated thresholds are exceeded. Single person registered at address : 25% discount on total consumption, if less than 2,000 units (per year) are used. Two or more person registered at address : If consumption for the year is no more than 1,750 units per person, the following reduction will apply: (1) 25% reduction ob the first 1,000 units (2) 15% reduction on the remaining 750 units or part thereof

Reliability of electricity supply in Malta

The electricity supply in Malta is generally reliable. However as there is only one power station in Malta if a fault occurs the whole of Malta could be affected. Power outages may be experienced a few times per year in Malta. Usually the problem is however fixed within a few hours. These outages will hopefully be reduced to a certain extent by the Malta–Sicily interconnector which can supply a certain amout of power from the mainland. Power failures on a house level are also relatively common during lightning storms in Malta. The breakers are very sensitive and any fluctuation in the power supply could easily trip them turning off all the power to your property.

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