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Health Care in Malta and Gozo

Malta has an excellent system of health care in both the public and private sectors. It was recently ranked 5th in the world by the World Health Organization for its standard of medical care. The health system is funded by general taxation and national insurance contributions. There is also an excellent private sector and many citizens choose to visit private general practicioners and specialists.

The main hospital in Malta is called Mater Deiand is an acute general hospital also offering specialist services. It is relatively new (only opened in 2007) and boasts over 800 beds and 25 operating theatres.

Public Health Care in Malta

There are 8 health centres offering primary health care on the Maltese Islands (8 in Malta and 1 in Gozo). These offer in addition to the nursing and GP services a variety of additional services like Diabetes Clinic, ECG Clinic, Immunisation Services, Gynae and Post-Natal Clinic, Physiotherapy, Psychiatric. Normally one has to be a resident within the catchment area of the clinic to be eligible to use the services.

Via the following links you can view the locations and details of each health clinic:

Private Health Care in Malta

Those who choose private health care have to pay each time they see a doctor. There are a lot of people who choose to visit a private general practicioner rather than visiting one of the health centres. This may be for convenience (closer than the nearest health centre, less waiting time) or because they prefer to be seeing a GP of their choice. The cost of a visit to a general practicioner is very reasonable (around 15 Euro). If a specialist is required on a private basis the costs can increase significantly. For those who insist upon seeing a private specialist, health insurance policies exist which may cover at least some of the costs.

Health Cover in Malta

Depending on your work/pension situation and nationality different options may exist regarding the health cover you require for living in Malta. The various alternatives are covered on the following link:

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