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Health Cover in Malta

Having suitable health cover is a requirement for obtaining residency in Malta. There are various ways to adquire health cover in Malta:

Working and paying national insurance in Malta

If you are employed then you will automatically be covered by the state health insurance system. If you are self employed then you will also be required to pay national insurance contributions in Malta. Whether you are paying via employment or being self-employed the whole family living in Malta will be covered for health treatment. This will entitle you to health treatment in state run health centres and hospitals.

Transfer of health care rights to Malta

This option is for retired people of EU countries who are no longer of working age and are therefore not paying NI and would like to transfer their entitlement to health care to Malta. You would be entitled to the same cover of health care as a working person paying national insurance.

Private Health Insurance in Malta

This is the option generally for those who are not working and not yet of retirement age. There are various companies offering policies which generally range from basic cover up to international cover. You would have to check with the Malta immigration to see which policies offer sufficient cover for residency. Compared to private health insurance in other countries in Malta the policies are relatively cheap. Typically a whole year can cost as little as 400 Euro. It is important to note that the fee will depend on the age of the person. Pre-existing ailments will not be covered by the policy. Costs for childbirth are also excluded.

Reciprocal Health Agreement with Malta (UK Citizens only)

This is an agreemment between the UK and Malta and is described in greater detail here

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